The rates

Day pass

Magically grants you access for the whole day. Re-entry is cool too!


10 passes

If you know you'll be joining us again... Get yourself a 10-pass pack and save a nifty $6 per pass! Just enough for lunch :)


1 month pass

If you can't get enough, just get the 1 month pass lah. Unlimited entries for a month - clock starts ticking when you first start using it.


Early riser pass

Up and about in the morn? Come in 7.30am and exit by 10am for your alone time in the gym. Tues & Thurs only!


Youth pass

For fresh faces below 19 years old only! Valid on weekdays before 6pm - you'll have to go home and finish your homework after that.


Parent-child pass

Someone told us parenting is expensive... So we have a special pass for those of you looking for more bonding time with your kids.


Kids pass

For younglings below 13 :)


Shoe rental

We'll tide you over until you decide to get your own.



You'll need a pair if you're renting shoes!


Chalk bag rental

Forgot 'em white gold which would help you with your climbs? Look no further.


b+ t-shirt

If you're a beast, noob, dirtbag, junkie - we got the right shirt for you ;)


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Passes can be bought in-store or online (for monthly passes & 10 pass packs only).

For enquires and collaboration opportunities, please reach out to the friendly team at!
We're located at the Aperia Mall, 12 Kallang Ave. 

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