The rates

Day pass

If you don't have multipass, you can get a day pass. This allows you to climb within the designated time slot. However, slots are subjected to a walk-in basis only. To check for avalibility please click


10 passes

If you know you'll be joining us again... Get yourself a 10-pass pack and save a nifty $6 per pass! Just enough for lunch :) Furthermore, this allows you to book and confirm a slot for yourself.


Youth pass

For fresh faces below 19 years old only! Valid on weekdays before 6.30pm - you'll have to go home and finish your homework after that.


Parent-child pass

Someone told us parenting is expensive... So we have a special pass for those of you looking for more bonding time with your kids.


Kids pass

For younglings below 13 :) If your child requires supervision you would have to be in the gym with him. That being said this is subjected to the current capacity of the gym.


Shoe rental

We'll tide you over until you decide to get your own.



You'll need a pair if you're renting shoes!


b+ t-shirt

If you're a beast, noob, dirtbag, junkie - we got the right shirt for you ;)


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Passes can be bought in-store or online (for monthly passes & 10 pass packs only).